Hyper-Efficient Aviation Technology

No wings, More lift.

82 % fuel saving and 5-times more range.

Patented Fast-Spinning Radial-Interaction Turbines™ (FSRIT)

Send aircrafts up to conventional and supersonic speeds with a fraction of fuel consumption.

Inner cabins for cargo, passengers and equipment.

Pressure-encased separation space inverts a spin-down-interaction for hyper-efficient lifting capacity with minimal drag-impacts.

Braking opportunities take maneuverability to a new level.

Rotation-generated lift provides horizontally take-offs and landings.

Drag-escaping surfaces pass the interface with minimal pressure-impacts and turbulence-making resistance.

Gyroscopic spin-stabilization makes a groundbreaking directionality and comfort.

Send drones, fighters, bombers and cargo to other continents cheaper and faster than previously possible.

Quickness and Mobilization for defence and protection of world peace.

Ultra-Performance and Acceleration.

A new Generation of Aerodynamic Mobility.