Up to 70 % more speed and 60 % fuel savings – Installation directly on existing boat hulls.

The patented radial-interaction wheels invert a rotation-generated lift with drag-escaping hull surfaces, and send a 40-MPH-boat up to 70 MPH without engine extension.

Ultra-Stable Comfort

66 pounds’ fast-spinning wheels generate a gyroscopic momentum of 1170 kg.m2/s and cut the waves like a mini-SWATH for ultra-stable comfort at high speeds in intensive sea conditions.

Explosivity & Ultra-Performance

Oversized electric engines provide a shocking jump-up-acceleration.


Complete Installation


Triple-point adaption on ball sockets suits to mostly hull types with length-regulative rods for adjusting distance from hull and opposite wheel. The wheels are complete implemented with bearings, gears and electric engines for simply cable-connection to engine-batteries.



Unpredictable overtaking-surprises and a Speed Expansion nobody has seen before.

Anti-Crash Triggers


Hull-mounted ball sockets are constructed for undamaged triggering by crashes in reefs. The wheels save the boat in high-speed collisions for groundbreaking security.


Wheel-borne vessels


Speed, economics, range, comfort & safety in one.

  • Speed Expansion

  • Fuel savings & Range Extension

  • More Acceleration

  • Comfort Stabilization

  • Security Improvement

  • Invisibility


Universal adaption

For professionals, yachting and leisure. Different sizes from one to 18 ton capacity, and more. Invisibly hided beneath the water surface.


A new Generation of Hydrodynamic Mobility


More speed, less fuel. Radial-Interaction Wheels with drag-escaping hull surfaces. A wheel-revolution at sea.


The Marine Wheel-Revolution


Expanded range & improved security. Cut the waves with gyroscopic directionality and surpass the reefs with Anti-Crash Triggers.


Comfort & Fuel Economics


The combination of minimal wave impact and directionality maximizes the propulsion efficiency and reduces additional drag in rough sea, for optimal comfort and fuel economics in all weather conditions.


Drag-escaping hull surfaces - Speed & Range


Expand the top speed with simple upgrades and reach 2.5-times longer distances on a fuel tank.



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