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What we do

INSVIVIA TECHNOLOGIES operates independent research and designs industrial applications based on alternative approaches to common problems within applied physics.

Non-mechanical boring


Thinner non-pulsed filaments enable deeper cutting and higher cutting speeds with laser-guided electricity to cut thinner and faster through hardrock.

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Wireless energy transfer


Spectral broadening and thinner filaments combined with direct electro-optical connections makes it possible to transfer electricity wirelessly through air with higher efficiency.

Isoreactor™ – water-based nuclear fusion


Fusion directly in water enables smaller and more efficient confinements than classical reactor principles.

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Supercavitating SWATH fig 5782439.jpg

Ship design and

surface technology

Can we accelerate ships to exceed 80 knots with low energy consumption? Ultrafast ships for the upcoming centuries based on supercavitation and SWATH-design is a real opportunity. However, for the challenges of tomorrow, we need retrofittable surface technologies for existing ship designs.

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Ivan Nilsen is a Norwegian author and entrepreneur. He founded Insvivia Technologies in 2014. He has participated to many studies within fluid mechanics and thermodynamics through CFD-simulation cases, and has also published research papers within quantum physics, gravitation and cosmology.

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